Why Singles are Happier – Scientifically Proven


Singles can never be considered as unhappy individuals. In fact, in a study of author and psychologist Bella DePaulo shows that singles live their best meaningful life than being in a relationship. Being in a relationship is not for everyone. Some chose to stay single to avoid conflicts, financial and emotional problems. Admit it or not, there are people who like freedom. They can go out all night and party all night long or go out of town without asking for anyone’s permission. When you are in a relationship, your activities become limited because you have to devote your time to your partner.

A research between happily married people and singles was conducted and it shows that couples are healthier and less prone to chronic diseases. On the other hand, singles are happier alone because they are not exposed to confrontations and conflicts.

Perks of Singles:

  1. Freedom – You do not need permission to go out and hang out with friends. Nobody’s going to check on you: What time are you going home? Who are you with?
  2. Stay in shape – Singles like to stay in shape to attract others. And because they have all the time in the world, they can hit the gym as often as they want.
  3. Successful at work – Love life or career? It is difficult to balance work and love at the same time. Schedule becomes a conflict. If you have a backlog of chores on your office desk, and take some of it home you lose the time to communicate or go out on a date night. Most of the time, people choose career over love life. If you are single, you are most probably successful at work.
  4. Richer friendships – Couples who do not have the same group of friends often withdraw from friends and spend more time together. Your bonding moment with your pals becomes limited. On the other hand singles have the time to socialize and meet with friends, have a chit chat or go on a road trip. Friendship lasts a lifetime and it is important to invest in friendship and not just in one relationship.
  5. Financially stable – Singles have more money. They can afford to buy more luxury items; they can shop freely because they do not have responsibilities. Couples who share their money often lie to each other if they purchase certain things. As a result, arguments arise and loss of trust becomes an issue.

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