Public Transport Perks Ending Soon


Public transport is highly patronized by commuters because of the cheap rates provided by smartcards. However, in Australia, commuters’ travel perks can be chopped causing higher fares and fewer travel rewards which is not fair to passengers. What are these rewards that are being scrapped? These rewards vary depending on the cards being used and location of commuters. Different card holders are offered with various travel perks to encourage them to take more public transport instead of driving their own cars.

Advantages of Using Public Transport

  • To save gas because fares are much cheaper than using your own car.
  • There is no maintenance fee to worry about.
  • Convenience

The new fare structure will affect commuters who prefer public transport. Opal card users are now being charged twice and forced to shift from buses to trains in order to reach their destination. This is not fair for public commuters; they shouldn’t be penalized by taking multiple modes of transport to complete their journey. People take buses and trains to save cash and if there will be any changes in favor of the government or to cause higher fares, commuters will be forced to use their cars. Instead of eliminating traffic, more cars are expected to be on the road and nobody likes being stuck in a traffic jam. It is disappointing on every commuter’s end because they are the target of this fare change.

Changes to NSW Transport Fees

Obviously, the new fare structure has a great impact to those who rely on public transport the most. Cutting of commuter travel perks is bad news. NSW commuters will begin to realize that the perks they enjoyed before will come to an end this year.

Proposed Solution

The complete package of reform promises to deliver and provide benefits to both passengers and society. If they charge higher fare rates, there should be better service so that the people will see that there’s an improvement with the transport system. It is expected that majority of passengers will benefit from this reform.

Some of the benefits involved include the following:

  • There is no need to pay separate fare whenever a passenger needs to switch from bus to train.
  • Axing of current rule and replace it with something better. Having a weekly travel credit or paying maximum of 10 longest trips.
  • Increased discount every off peak season.
  • Better service.

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