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Successful people are not productive because they have a lot of time, but because they make sure that they use their time wisely. As the saying goes “time is gold”, so we must not let our time go to waste. Everyone experiences those times where we have nothing to do, like when you’re on a bus waiting for your stop especially when its traffic, when you’re on a break, or when you’re waiting for the food to be served in a restaurant. Some of these idle times can be used to rest, but a lot of it is not being productive. Instead of letting these idle times make us unproductive, here’s a few things you can do during your free time to make you a productive person.

Productive Pastimes

  1. Download audio books so you can listen to them during your free time. Reading helps us improve our imagination, vocabulary, and knowledge about different things but we can’t carry books around all the time so an audio book is the next best thing to a book. This is better than downloading eBooks, rather than reading while on a bus which can be a bit of a hassle and can cause headaches, isn’t it better if you have someone to read for you? Audio books will let you rest while being productive at the same time! If you ride the bus or metro every single day then you will be able to finish at least 2-3 books a week. You will be more productive and smarter after those week.
  2. How to be productive in a fun way? Play some games for the brain. If you search Google for brain games, the top game is called Lumosity. This game focuses on improving your cognitive skills like memory, solving mathematical problems, and pattern recognition.
  3. Make a bucket list about your goals. During your free time, think about your future. Think about the things you want to accomplish and write it down on a piece of paper. Doing this will give you concrete plans for your future. After finishing your bucket list, you can now start writing down your plans on how to get there!
  4. Chat with an old friend or a loved one. Make a list of the people you want to catch up with. This will help you avoid being lonely and will make you enjoy your idle times. You can either text them, or call them when you have nothing to do. Doing this will not just make you productive but will make someone feel special when you remember them.
  5. Do something that you can finish within 2 minutes. Make another bucket list! But this time, list down tasks that you can accomplish within 2 minutes. This is fun, challenging and productive at the same time. The rule is that if you have free time, if you can do it within 2 minutes then do it now. Like sending an e-mail, cleaning your work desk, or adding/reorganizing your to do list.
  6. Search for an easy and useful language and learn it. With modern technology it is not impossible to encounter someone within your field of work that doesn’t know or is not fluent with English. So why not learn their language? You can download E-books or audio books that will help you learn another language like Spanish. You can also get online lessons for 30 minutes a week. This will be very effective as a productive habit for your free time.

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