Planning Your Ideal Engagement Party


Before tying the knot, couples always look forward to their engagement party and it is every couple’s dream to have one. Planning and execution may be crucial but don’t let stress stop you from having the engagement party that you’ve been dreaming about. It’s a special event where friends and families will gather and share the moment with the engaged couple. After the nerve wracking proposal, the engagement party happens a few months after the proposal. There are so many things to do once you are engaged. The fun doesn’t stop in proposal; the engagement party and the wedding are truly anticipated.

Planning that Engagement Party

  1. Budget – The proposal probably cost the groom a fortune and spending again for an engagement party does not mean you have to spend even bigger amount. Save the extravagance for the wedding.
  2. Planning – Hiring an events planner is beneficial if the couple cannot personally attend to choose the venue, pick engagement party needs by themselves or pick a reliable sound system, it can be all be taken care of by your events planner. Ask friends who they can recommend and set a meeting. Discuss what you want and let them do their job. Couples can relax a bit and still be able to work while preparing the engagement party.
  3. Venue – Where do you want to celebrate? It has to be accessible so all your guest can attend. Rent a house, a backyard barbecue party, by the lake, or garden, before you book – check the weather.
  4. Plan B – If your desired venue is not available, always prepare for a second option.
  5. Invitation – Use a little creativity and create your own invitation. Have no time? You can always go online and grab a photo paper and start printing cute images.
  6. Theme – You can have one or two themes. Consider the guest, think of something that they will also enjoy.
  7. Guest List – Trim your guest list if you are on a budget or just invite close friends and family.
  8. Food – Save the fancy meal for the wedding. Choose a meal where your guests can go back and forth, serve finger foods that they can just pop into their mouths, or you can have barbecue outdoors.

An engagement party is supposed to be fun. It is a celebration for two people who will leave their families and start building their own. It is a union of two hearts who will promise to love each other and spend the rest of their lives forever. So plan it properly and make sure it’s something to look back with fond memories in the future.


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