Loving Yourself and Ways to Uplift Your Self Esteem


It is a must to develop self esteem and not be affected by what other people will say about you. You should be the first person to appreciate yourself. The thing is, people have their own different perception of beauty. Some may appreciate you for who you are while others will criticise you. People look and see things in different ways. It is natural to receive good and bad comments simply because people see things differently. But knowing who you are, accepting who you are and becoming a good person will boost your confidence.

Uplifting Self Esteem

  1. Learn to love yourself – Accept your flaws. Nobody is perfect. Each one is created differently. It’s either you accept your flaws or you do something about it. Criticisms are unavoidable. Take it as a challenge and prove them wrong. Love yourself and develop your self esteem.
  2. Laugh – Don’t be too serious. People with high self esteem always see the funny side of things. Good or bad, learn how to laugh. You must learn how to handle things confidently no matter how awkward it feels.
  3. Beat the Shame – Shame will bring you nowhere. What happened in your life or in your past is none of their business. The important thing is you stood up and decided to go on with your life. Shameful things happen and everybody experiences it. It’s just a matter of how you handle it and carry yourself after a storm.
  4. Extend Compassion – Building your self esteem is not just all about yourself. Learn how to be compassionate, listen, and treat others with love. People see things differently; try to be in their shoes to understand how it feels. Never judge a person because it may also happen to you. By listening to others you will learn a lot of things which you can use in the future.
  5. Be Positive – Developing self esteem is never a problem if you will always think positive. Do not entertain negativity. You must feel that you are at your best and 100% ready for anything. Erase negativity and the countless ‘what ifs’ that you have in mind. No one will ever be prepared for everything. Nobody knows what life is going to throw at you. No matter what it is, deal with it confidently. Always think that you can do it and never let that negative vibe destroy you.

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